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2020! A new decade. A new beginning.

Sometimes I want to be one of those happy, drunk people in Time Square, shrieking 10…9…8.. as the ball drops and then kissing some random stranger next to me.

I’m not, and I doubt that I ever will be.

I’m happier living vicariously through some TV personalities, as they get drunk off tequila shots, while I’m sitting comfortably in my own living room, surrounded by good friends and family.

For me, it’s not really how I end the old year, but how I start the new one.

I guess I’m like a lot of people when I say the first day of the year fills me with excitement and reverence. I feel alive with the possibility of all the fresh starts that the new year promises.

Last year, I made a resolution that I would lose 20 pounds. I’ve done this more times than I can count, only 2019 was the year I actually accomplished it. This morning, January 1, 2020, I was asking myself why I succeeded this year when I hadn’t the other years.

My answer may seem simplistic, but it really worked for me: Greet every morning with the same attitude that I greet the first of January. If every January is a fresh start, then every morning is, too. Heck, every moment can be a fresh start.

This is a year of fresh starts for us at Pomeline. We hope you like our new logo as much as we do.

Welcome 2020. We’ve been expecting you!

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The Four C’s of Danish Hygge

The Danish concept of hygge  (pronounced hoó-ga) is popular these days. It seems you can’t turn on the TV or open a magazine without seeing it. I even just bought a book on hygge knitting patterns.

But what is this hygge thing?

The closest English word to hygge is coziness, but even that doesn’t capture it. For Danes, the heart of hygge is happiness and comfort. It’s a kind of anti-stress mantra that encourages sharing lovely meals and moments together with good friends and family.

Almost anything or anyone can encompass hygge: a meal, a person, a conversation, clothing, a restaurant, a hotel, a room, furniture, a town, a city, a country or a party.

As you can imagine, hygge is particularly important during the holiday season. If you really want to lower your stress level and squeeze as much jolly out of this hectic month of December, be a little Danish and incorporate hygge into your life.

Conversations: hygge’s social thread. When Danes arrive at a party, they walk around the room and greet every single person, whether they know them or not. If you don’t do that, be aware that it is considered rude, and you may get the un-hygge stamp- the social kiss of death. With loneliness at epidemic levels during the holidays, a human connection can really make your day.

Candles: the pillars of hygge. If you visit Denmark during the holiday season, or really anytime of year, you’ll notice that there are candles everywhere, even in shops and in the airport! Do like the Danes and transform even the most mundane moments with candles. Light them at every meal- even breakfast- especially in this dark season. It adds a warm glow to everything.

Cuisine: the hygge glue: There is a Danish saying that there is no hygge without food. When I was in my early 20’s living in Denmark, we all got together for hygge during the weekends. One person would make a pot of stew or chili and everyone else would bring beer and wine. No matter how modest your dwellings, you would squeeze in a bunch of people for a seated dinner. You can’t go to anyone’s house in Denmark without being offered something to eat. It is a small but mighty gesture that says you are welcome in my home.

And most importantly

Continuation: Hygge as a habit. Hygge isn’t just for the holidays. You can continue to practice it year round. Hygge is in the small, everyday gestures and moments that transform ordinary situations and encounters into something more meaningful.

From all of us at Pomeline Jewelry, we want to wish you a hygge-filled December and hygge throughout 2020!

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Turn up the color this season with our Confetti collection

There is something so soothing about early spring’s pastel colors, like hand-dipped Easter eggs nestled under bushes or resting on branches throughout the garden. Nature is just waking up after a long winter nap.

But as the days get longer, and summer arrives, it’s like Mother Nature ups the intensity of the colors around us to match the heat coming our way. The countryside is sprinkled with bright flowers, like a handful of confetti thrown all over.

The season’s gelato-like shades of raspberry, lime and coconut, as well as hydrangea blue, remind me of festive summer parties, summer camp, heavenly bouquets of just-picked flowers, happy prints on diaphanous clothing and luscious, multi-colored accessories.

Welcome back, summer! We’ve missed you!

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In Need of Color Therapy

Well it’s February, so close to Valentine’s Day, and I know we should be enticing you with our beautiful jewelry. 

The truth is, we were just hit with an ice storm here in New England, so I would rather dream about a trip to the Caribbean or start planning my spring wardrobe.

I don’t mind winter, but right about now I could use some color therapy. I want to wrap myself in a tangerine tone-linen blouse, slip into a pair of comfortably distressed white jeans and my raspberry pink, strappy sandals.

It’s not that far away, thank goodness, so I’m stocking up on all the lovely, multi-colored Pomeline necklaces like the Ava necklace in Rose Quartz, the Beatrice necklace in raw Aquamarines and my personal favorite: the Juni Wrap necklace.

And speaking of color, keep your eye out for our new Confetti Collection which debuts soon.

Hmmm, Rum Punches are colorful too, aren’t they? Just saying….

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This month we are celebrating winter white

Ahhhh. One, two, three, let’s exhale together.

After being bombarded with color, glitz and sparkle during the holidays, what could be more soothing than warm winter whites?

At the start of a new year, it seems like my psyche craves the dignified peace of a white wool suit or the downy softness of a cream colored knit.

I’m wearing simple, feminine jewelry with them, like the sterling silver Hellebore pieces in the Pomeline Jewelry collection. Hellebore Collection.

I know that if I ask you to think of WHITE things right now, most people will be thinking of snow, skiing and ice-skating, but you know what I am thinking of?


That’s because a lot of people took the romantic leap and got engaged over the holidays. Congratulations if you are one of them. Time to start planning the theme and venue, fall in love with your dress and choose the jewelry for yourself and your bridesmaids and flower girls.

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November Buzz


And though she be but little, she is fierce- A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare


And though she be but little, she still loves jewelry and dressing up. There’s nothing cuter than a little girl, all dressed up, twirling and showing off her outfit. We wanted to create delicate and fun jewelry that little girls could use now and cherish forever, perhaps passing it along to their daughters one day.


Pomeline Jewelry is proud to introduce Petite Pomeline, a collection of jewelry for young girls.

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October Buzz

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” Nora Ephron, You’ve Got Mail.

 I love fall. I love fall in New York and fall in Connecticut. I love when the crisper days and evenings of autumn replace the humid heat of summer in New England. I love the navy blue sky and the gem colored leaves that line the winding back roads that lead to my home.

By the first of October, I have all my chunky knits positioned on my closet shelf, arranged by color and ready to go. I greet them with the same enthusiasm I used to greet my friends with on the first day of school.

Although I love this time of year, like most women, I struggle with what to wear. I am tired of summer looks at this point, but fall fashion would leave me a sweaty mess by lunchtime.

My go-to, trauma-free transitional looks include sleeveless, lightweight wool dresses and cardigan sets in deep jewel hues.

Take advantage of the fact that your arms are still a bit bronzed and go bare. Finish the look off with a structured cuff bracelet like our Trellis Bee Cuff.