About Kirsten Rothe

Pomeline Greenwich is the inspiration of Greenwich, Connecticut native Kirsten Rothe. Trained in both the history of art and studio art, Kirsten has been designing jewelry for the past twenty years, drawing her creativity from both classical and contemporary art forms. Having traveled extensively throughout Europe with her Danish-born parents, her love of art and design is inspired by the clean Scandinavian lines and forms, to which she adds color and whimsy.

“When I design jewelry, I visualize my ultimate customer. I picture her wearing the piece. Is it comfortable and easy to put on? Does it sit well? Will it add or detract from her outfit? I also want it to consistently reflect the casual and classic elegance I am striving for. There are many things about my jewelry I am passionate about.  The design itself,  the color and choice of gemstones, the whimsical gold components I design and definitely my clients. “